This is the eleventh in the CCWI series of biennial conferences organised by the universities of Brunel, De Montfort, Exeter, Sheffield and Imperial College.  Focusing mainly on water systems modelling and control, this conference aims to bring together leading experts from academia and industry. Researchers and practitioners will be given the opportunity to discuss, present and disseminate recent advances in research and industry. Other workshops, group meetings and exhibitions, are also planned during the conference.



The conference aims:

  • To facilitate the continued co-operation of academic institutions and industry;
  • To examine the current state-of-the-art in computing and control techniques applicable to the water industry;
  • To provide a forum for discussions and the dissemination of ideas on applied computing and control for the water industry, with particular emphasis on:
    • Providers’ perspectives - recent developments in research;
    • Users’ perspectives - users' experience of the latest techniques;
    • Future needs - current and future planning and operational requirements.
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Supporting Organizations

ICE - Institution of Civil Engineers
Pipeline Guild


Hydro International
Bentley Systems
South West Water