Abstract Reviewing

Once you have received an e-mail message asking you to review an abstract, you need to login into the CCWI conference website for the review process. Click on the ‘User Home’ link at the top of the CCWI conference website: http://www.exeter.ac.uk/ccwi/papers . A page with your activities (papers submitted and reviews requested) will be presented. Click on the ‘Reviewer’ activity link.  This leads to a page with a list of the abstract(s) you have been asked to review:

List of abstract(s)

Click on the abstract’s title to view the specific page with relevant information on the abstract and where the abstract review process is carried out.

Review steps

The review is divided in 6 steps. The first step is to accept or decline the request to review the abstract. Click the relevant link (either the icon next to ‘Will do the review’ or the one next to ‘Unable to do the review’), and you will be presented with an e-mail template to send to the Director informing him/her of your decision. Feel free to edit the e-mail as you see fit.

If you agree to review the abstract, the next two steps are to read carefully the review guidelines that are presented at the bottom of the page and then to review the given abstract. We suggest using a word processor during this step, and to save any comments to the authors during the review procedure, in order to produce grammatically correct text.

After reviewing the abstract, the fourth step is to communicate your comments to the author(s) and to the director of the conference. Click on the icon next to ‘Review’ in step 4 to open a new page in the browser. This new page will contain two form boxes. In the first box you can write your comments to the author(s), which will be anonymous, in the second box you can write your comments to the director.

Review form boxes

If you have any files that you wish the author(s) and directors to see, you can upload them using the form on the fifth step. Finally, in the last step, when you are happy with your comments, you may record a final decision by selecting one from the drop down menu and clicking ‘Submit Review to Director’.

Please note: you will be presented with 3 options:

  1. The work is suitable for a “Long Presentation” (presentation of 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions).
  2. The work is suitable for a “Short Presentation” (presentation of 5 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions).
  3. The work is not suitable for this conference.

To assist you in making this decision, the following guidelines apply: 

Abstracts recommended for Long Presentations will
Show novel methodology;
Have novel applications;
Include a case study.
Abstracts recommended for Short Presentations will:
Use existing methodology;
Show limited novelty;
Show limited results or applications;
Show preliminary research findings.
Abstracts recommended for rejection will:
Show no novel material;
Show no results;
Topic will not be relevant to the conference. 

After choosing from these options, you will be presented with a page where you can e-mail the Director your recommendation, and you can alter the wording in this message. Once this process is complete, you will not be able to change the review.

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