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May 8-9

Ten Tors' 50th Anniversary!

Sun 09-May-2010 at 17:20:53 - Updated:
The last Team to finish crossed the line a few minutes ago;  the fiftieth anniversary has been truly amazing for - and because of - 400 incredible Teams.  You, ladies and gentlemen, are fantastic!  Thank you for your endless energy, determination and good humour throughout the months of training and through this very special weekend.   Through your efforts, Ten Tors 2010 will take an honoured place in the history of the Event - thank you all!

If you'd like to tell us how it was for you, we'll be more than happy to publish your view of Ten Tors' 50th birthday.  Please email us here!

Please check the L&F page if you found or lost something over the weekend.
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