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May 9-10

Four Hundred Teams.
Two Days.
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One Deadline.

- Where would you rather be, than right here, right now!

Sun 10-May-2009 at 19:40:40 - Updated:
The camp is deserted, the Teams are all home, Ten Tors 2009 has ended - we've yet to run the statistics but it has been a brilliant year!

Thanks are due to many groups and individuals who made Ten Tors 2009 happen - I'm going to single out just a few individuals:  the untiring cyclist who was always a pedal-stroke ahead of us when we needed something in place - thanks John!  The owner of the cookies who always knows the answer to all our queries (and no, the photo stays), and the first Ten Tors Team in the Event's history which walked its route backwards!

But we are in awe of the four hundred Ten Tors Teams who took up the challenge - you, Ladies and Gentlemen, are just stunning!!  Thank you all, we now have all your photos on the site, including the movie of the start!

Please check the L&F page if you've lost or found anything over Ten Tors weekend, and, if you were unable to get that crucial memento of your Event, there's a sale on!  Check out the merchandise page.
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