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Unfinished Business May 10-11
"I firmly believe that any man's finest hour,
 his greatest fulfilment to all he holds dear,
 is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause
 and lies exhausted on the field of battle
- victorious
(Vince Lombardi,  1913 - 1970)

Tue 13-May-2008 at 20:11:36 - Updated:
All the photos from the weekend have been loaded - enjoy!!

Tue 13-May-2008 at 08:58:58 - Updated:
For every Ten Tors there are two and a half thousand stories of how it all happened - email yours here and you can tell the world how three months of training in the wet and cold was just slightly different from the Teams'  view of Ten Tors 2008.

Sun 11-May-2008 at 18:41:22 - Updated:
The four hundred Teams of Ten Tors 2008 have completed their task - they're heading off to enjoy a well-earned supper, and maybe a lemonade or two to toast their revenge on Dartmoor.  We're advised that the last couple of Teams not shown as 'Finished' are safely in the recovery system and on their way home, and we're heading that way shortly too;  the Camp is already largely empty.

We have more photos to post over the next few days;  thank you for your emails and for your support of the Teams throughout training and the Event itself, but our greatest thanks and admiration go to the Class of '08, the Teams themselves, for sharing their weekend with us.  You are awesome!!

The Event as it unfolded...

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